2023 – A year of growth and innovation for Kyoto

 Year of Innovation

The past year has been nothing short of transformative for Kyoto, marked by key developments in technology and company infrastructure, community and team expansion and laying the foundation for the much-anticipated blockchain launch in 2024. As the curtains draw on 2023, we look back at some of Kyoto’s biggest achievements.

One million trees planted

As an impact-led business that scales the voluntary carbon market and harnesses regenerative finance, environmental initiatives are crucial to Kyoto’s success. One of the most important milestones of the year saw the planting of over one million trees in Kenya and Tanzania as a commitment to offsetting carbon emissions and making a difference to the planet. The first of many tree-planting projects, it serves a powerful reinforcement of Kyoto’s pledge to be the world's most sustainable blockchain.

The #3MIL Campaign – trees, tokens and grants

In tandem with the 1 million tree planting project and recognising the power of community, we rolled out our $1 million Ecosystem Grants Program, designed to empower developers and visionaries working on sustainable and environmentally focused Web3 projects. Individuals and protocols can apply to receive between $10-100,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, we also launched a huge airdrop giveaway of $1 million to incentivise our community and bring new users to our project.

A successful inaugural community event

In October, we held our first-ever in-person community meet-up at Zebu Live. The event was well attended and a testament to the growing enthusiasm and engagement of our users and supporters. Our jam-packed 2024 events plan will be made available in the new year.

Team expansion and expert leadership

Web3 might be a technology-driven industry, but Kyoto is only as good as its people and investing in the right talent remains paramount. We have made substantial hires throughout 2023, most notably in senior leadership. With more announcements to come in early January, these hires will expand the diversity of our expertise, strengthen our skillset and create the strongest possible backbone for the company as we look to propel it forward.

A landmark acquisition of 120 million Kyoto coins

In a strategic and historic move, the Kyoto Foundation recently secured a landmark acquisition of 120 million $KYOTO coins, underpinning the foundation's commitment to ensuring the stability and growth of our token and ecosystem ahead of the blockchain launch.

The release of the Kyoto Greenpaper

A pivotal moment in our journey was the release of our whitepaper. The comprehensive document outlines the principles, technology, and vision that underpin the Kyoto Blockchain.

Testnet launch

As a prelude to the mainnet launch, we successfully rolled out our public testnet in December. Similar to other networks like Ethereum, the Kyoto Testnet is a sandbox version of the blockchain and is designed to launch and test decentralised applications and tokens in a playground environment before launch. Feedback on testnet has been overwhelmingly positive, with a detailed progress update coming in the new year.

Looking ahead

Against a backdrop of a dynamic crypto landscape, 2023 witnessed substantial progress in the adoption of decentralised technologies and the maturation of Web3 platforms. As decentralized finance continues to gain momentum, Kyoto has positioned itself as a unique market player by not only embracing the financial possibilities of blockchain and pioneering new methodologies for carbon markets but also addressing the environmental impact associated with traditional blockchain networks.

As we reflect on a transformative year and look forward to an exciting 2024 with validated carbon-negative technology, a strengthened team and great ambition, Kyoto is poised to redefine the blockchain landscape, setting new standards for Web3, carbon and sustainability.

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