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KYOTO was established by a small team of individuals committed to making a positive impact on society. Today, we're a global community of thinkers and doers, united by a shared mission to build a blockchain ecosystem with the power to protect our planet.

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We believe blockchain technology can solve the scaling challenges today's Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) struggles with. Our intent is to build the new, globally recognizable digital standard for carbon offsets. We'll achieve this with KYOTO credits.

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Meet the team behind Kyoto.


Ashton Hunt

Co Founder

Ashton's Bio

Prior to buying his first cryptocurrency in 2016, Ashton traded FX, commodities, CFD’s and spot markets full time. Building a comprehensive understanding of traditional financial systems and markets years prior, led Ashton to understand the potential of Bitcoin after researching the emerging cryptocurrency market. Ashton went full time into the cryptocurrency industry in 2017 and has invested and advised a broad spectrum of startups and businesses integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Ashton has helped to scale user adoption into cryptocurrency by reducing barriers created by centralised onboarding markets, with tailored over the counter solutions. Ashton has experience in high growth, high adoption businesses in markets adopting regulation and has taken businesses to retain approval by regulators.

Ashton initially learned about the carbon markets during a sabbatical in 2021 and quickly became immersed in the possibilities of bridging carbon as a commodity to blockchain. Ashton drafted an initial plan for Kyoto, which launched in June 2022, at the time, selling out the largest fair launch on the Binance Smart Chain. Ashton has taken his idea along with his co-founders to grow Kyoto into a powerful startup with over 25 employees.

“Kyoto is a powerful technology stack that showcases the use-case of Web3, improves utility, transparency and scalability of the voluntary carbon market and green banking with the use of regenerative finance”.


Frank Morey

Co Founder

Frank's Bio

Frank is an entrepreneur and investor focusing on ethical and sustainable projects that make a positive environmental impact.

Frank first came into the crypto space in 2017 investing in Bitcoin and quickly became a crypto enthusiast. With a Professional background in risk and compliance he has undertaken due diligence programs into leading Centralised Exchanges and blockchain projects on behalf of crypto friendly Governments, ensuring that they underwent a comprehensive screening process to manage financial and reputation risk.

Frank is passionate about the massive potential of blockchain technology to help solve the climate crisis and firmly believes that todays pioneers of Regenerative Finance will help shape the future of the planet.


Jonathan Jepson

Co Founder

Jonathan's Bio

Jon is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in start-up growth businesses. A senior partner and investment director at Northwood Infrastructure Capital as the lead originator of ulility-scale solar PV and storage projects in the UK and a managing partner leading their digital assets and blockchain incubation business. A co-founder and CCO of Kyoto, heading up the web2 commercial utility side of the business.

An out of the box thinker, constantly striving to improve efficiency and lead industry change. Jon was a founding partner of the IFEC award winning BT Redcare Body Worn Surveillance Video System, stimulating the paperless police officer Initiative, a game changer for the police force.

Jon founded NEST, which grew to over 900+ locations bringing in a now-standard direct debit, payment protocol for martial arts schools nationwide. Jon holds a post graduate doctorate in alternative medicine and is a fellow at Salford University FSMA.

Yen-Ling Tan - Chief Operating Officer

Yen-Ling Tan

Chief Operating Officer

Yen-Ling's Bio

Yen-Ling has over 20 years of international experience in finance and business management. She started her career at UBS where she held various leadership positions before her interest in bringing new tech solutions to market led her to the start-up scene in 2015. Yen-Ling was formerly COO at award-winning FinTech company, Algomi.

Duncan Ross - Chief Technology Officer

Duncan Ross

Chief Technology Officer

Duncan's Bio

Duncan is the Chief Technology Officer at Kyoto and brings significant expertise in Blockchain and deep tech to the role. Formerly Sony’s youngest-ever technology lead, he also spearheaded Nintendo's R&D team, as well as the tech offering at both Soonami.io and Chelsea FC. Over the course of his career, Duncan has worked with other global behemoths such as Shell, Samsung, Lego, and others, allowing him to provide unparalleled value and technical leadership. An expert in the gaming and sports arenas, Duncan remains the Non-Executive Director at Nintendo and has launched and exited several of his own start-ups.

Georgiana Foster - Head of Marketing Communications

Georgiana Foster

Marketing Director

Georgiana's Bio

As Marketing Director, Georgiana is responsible for engaging Kyoto's external and internal audiences through clear, consistent, and compelling storytelling – increasing brand awareness and market voice of the company in the process. Leading on media relations whilst connecting our people, audiences and communities to the company’s purpose, brand values and vision through strategic campaigns is at the heart of her role. Georgiana started her career in business development at global communications agency gyro, now Merkle B2B, before building the PR offering at listed law firm Keystone Law, where she formed part of the team that led the company through a successful IPO. She also led the communications team at audit, tax and consulting giant, RSM. Georgiana graduated from University College London with a BA (Hons) in languages.

Konrad Faltyn - Senior Blockchain Developer

Konrad Faltyn

Senior Blockchain Developer

Konrad's Bio

Konrad Faltyn, with a decade of experience in the tech realm, is a dedicated software developer and fervent blockchain enthusiast. He has excelled in crafting scalable and robust software solutions and has developed a profound expertise in blockchain technology, recognizing its transformative potential early on. Konrad has been instrumental in contributing to a variety of innovative projects leveraging decentralized technologies. His relentless pursuit of knowledge ensures his proficiency in the ever-evolving technological landscapes, making him a respected figure in both the software and blockchain spheres. Konrad’s approach is characterized by a commitment to innovation, continuous learning, and the delivery of high-quality products.

Charlotte - Creative Director

Charlotte Payne

Creative Director

Charlotte's Bio

Charlotte is Creative Director at Kyoto and spearheads the company's innovative design direction and strategic brand elevation. With a rich background in design and innovation, Charlotte previously held the position of Head of Design at Flight3, a renowned Web3 marketing and design division within FlightStory agency. Her tenure at Mars' Design and Innovation team was characterised by influential contributions to globally recognised brands such as M&M's, Snickers, Maltesers, and numerous pioneering innovation projects. Beyond bringing exceptional design to Web3, Charlotte is dedicated to shaping its visual landscape, passionately leading the charge on defining its future aesthetic.

Full team release coming soon.

Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate change.

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- David Attenborough