Celebrating a successful Kyoto community meet-up at Zebu LIVE 2023

We want to warmly thank our loyal community members who attended the Zebu LIVE event on the 5th and 6th of October at London’s Woolwich Works.


Meeting so many fellow Kyotees over the two days was an honour and a pleasure. The event provided us with a significant opportunity to connect with our community and share some of the latest updates on the development progress of our blockchain.

Ashton Hunt, co-founder and CEO of Kyoto, said of the event:

“The Zebu LIVE event was the perfect opportunity to host our first informal community meetup. It was fantastic to meet loyal Kyoto holders and learn more about their journey with us, as well as liaise with some of our partnered projects. I’m looking forward to seeing our community blossom further and meeting more of what is a truly fantastic group of individuals at other events in the future.”

In the fast-evolving world of Web3, we recognise that it's not just about technology and innovation—it's about the people behind the projects. The Kyoto community has continuously proven invaluable, contributing to our growth and resilience as we enter our pre-launch phase.

But we are just at the beginning of our journey!

In the coming weeks, we will announce a wave of updates, including news on senior hires, Testnet updates, grant program progress, and other collaborations.

About Zebu LIVE

Zebu Live is the UK’s most anticipated Web3 event of the year. 2023’s two-day extravaganza brought together over 3,000 of Web3's finest, offering unparalleled networking opportunities, industry-defining conversations, and a showcase of the future of both crypto and blockchain.

The event was jam-packed with insight on critical topics such as Web3 for sustainability, using NFTs for positive impact, and the power of the Metaverse. Guest speakers ranged from global thought leaders and policymakers to Web3 C-Suite, who, together, are creating the future of our industry.

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