Kyoto releases its highly-anticipated “Greenpaper”

Often hailed as the blueprint for a blockchain initiative, a whitepaper provides a comprehensive way for a project to outline its goals, technical specifications, implementation strategies, and the underlying philosophy that propels it forward.

The Greenpaper is Kyoto’s take on the more conventional whitepaper. It is a foundational document that plays an important role in shaping the narrative of the Kyoto Blockchain while informing and attracting users, investors, developers, and Web3 enthusiasts alike. 

Following the original release of our GreenPaper on Gitbook, we wanted to make this important material as inclusive and accessible as possible - so that everyone could learn more about the Kyoto ecosystem and its functionality. To that end, we have created a new, interactive version designed to showcase who we are and what we do in a much more visual way. 

The Greenpaper provides everything you need to know about:

  • Our project overview and roadmap
  • Kyoto tokenomics, node structures, and rewards
  • Our plans to streamline and scale the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)
  • How we incorporate Regenerative Finance into our technology
  • Our Infrastructure-as-a-service solution for global carbon markets
  • Our innovative, new digital carbon standard 
  • How Kyoto creates a positive impact and protects the planet
  • The people behind the project

To explore the ecosystem of the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain, to scale the VCM, and Kyoto’s role in shaping the future of blockchain and carbon markets, we encourage you to read our Greenpaper by clicking here.

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