Kyoto Celebrates Successful Testnet Launch With 1 Million Transactions

One month since the launch of Kyoto Testnet, the blockchain has reached a significant milestone of over 1 million successful transactions facilitated on its network.

In the journey towards launching its mainnet Layer-1 (L1) blockchain, Kyoto’s development team continues to prioritise the reliability, security and functionality of the network to safeguard users’ real assets.

This is where the testnet phase serves as an invaluable tool, providing a vital intermediary step before core developers or individual Decentralised Apps (dApps) formally launch their projects on the mainnet.

This past month has allowed developers and blockchain enthusiasts to interact with the Kyoto network in a specialised testing environment without placing tangible crypto assets at risk. The feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with Kyoto Testnet remaining both stable and secure since going live on December 15.

Key features of Kyoto Testnet:

Kyoto Testnet offers a holistic testing environment with a range of key features designed to facilitate a seamless user experience. Users can easily connect to the testnet through MetaMask, a widely used browser extension, enabling a secure and user-friendly gateway to the Kyoto Testnet.

To engage with the network, users can acquire testnet tokens effortlessly via the dedicated faucet, providing them with the necessary resources to explore and test different functionalities. Meanwhile, the network explorer allows users to monitor transactions, smart contracts, and overall network activity. Additionally, developers can leverage various development tools to build, deploy, and test dApps efficiently.

Furthermore, users have the opportunity to interact with other aspects of the Kyoto Ecosystem on testnet with  Kyoto Swap and Kyoto Wallet being deployed. 

Community and developer feedback:

Community feedback is critical to the success of the Kyoto Blockchain. Our team has been in constant dialogue with users providing commentary on testnet. In addition to providing one-to-one support and guidance to users encountering any initial difficulties in deploying contracts on the testnet, we have resolved most bugs and implemented a steady stream of updates and improvements to the network and the Kyoto Ecosystem. We have also provided developers with upgraded documentation, toolkits, and incentives for building on the network, such as Ecosystem Grants.

Key progress highlights and ecosystem updates include:

  •  Multiple scalability and performance tests on Kyoto Testnet to ensure its ability to handle current and anticipated transaction volumes and user activity without compromising performance

  • Upgrading Kyoto Swap to exchange test tokens seamlessly

  • Resolving issues relating to price imbalances and slippage by bolstering liquidity provision

  • Revisions to the Kyoto Swap site to better showcase the project’s commitment to positive impact e.g afforestation, conservation themes

  •    Further updates to UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of Kyoto Swap to improve user journey when trading and staking on the platform

  •  Various UI & UX updates to the Kyoto Wallet

  • Enhanced Kyoto Scan "dark mode", providing greater comfort for users

The route to mainnet:

The positive response from the community during the current testnet phase has positioned Kyoto for continued success as we advance toward the mainnet launch later in Q1. In addition to ensuring the continued functionality and stability of the live test network, our team is now turning its attention to the next pivotal moment in the lifecycle of the project.

To ensure the launch of a safe and secure L1 blockchain of the highest quality, preparations are being made to:

  • Ensure the robustness and security of the code through comprehensive audits by both internal development teams and third-party security firms

  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations in the intended operational jurisdictions

  • Ensure adherence to global standards such as GDPR

Overall, testnet is being described consistently as “user-friendly, secure, and scalable”, and the team remains dedicated to ensuring that the network is ready for the next step of Kyoto’s journey.

Stay tuned for more testnet updates from #TeamKyoto.

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