Bullish changes for the future of KYOTO

KYOTO at the critical “chrysalis” stage of metamorphosis as it prepares for the blockchain launch

As the world’s first blockchain to scale the voluntary carbon market approaches its highly-anticipated Layer-1 (L1) launch, KYOTO provides some key progress updates.

The team is working tirelessly to raise funding and bring value, to all stakeholders, upon the launch of the KYOTO blockchain and the subsequent listing on its first centralized exchanges.

With that in mind, we are making important developments to ensure that the launch is executed successfully and that beyond that, the KYOTO ecosystem is built for resilience, long-term sustainability, and inclusive growth.

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Pushing for the perfect launch conditions

Support for the L1 launch has superseded all expectations. We understand that we only get one shot at launch and so are keen to make it count and deliver on those expectations. Over the last few months, we have made significant developments to our infrastructure, our technology, and our people.

Our vision for the KYOTO blockchain is to shape a resilient and transformative ecosystem for creators to build on. Truly successful transformations involve creating a movement that aligns all inside-out and outside-in approaches. And to deliver that transformation, we must take actions that boost our performance, motivate our people and inspire our communities.

But that doesn’t happen overnight…

To provide the perfect nature-based analogy for our development, KYOTO’s current growth phase is akin to a caterpillar at the pupa stage of metamorphosis, preparing to emerge as a butterfly.

During the pupa stage, a chrysalis is formed for the developing butterfly to shield itself with in order to grow before being ready to emerge. This stage requires time, patience, and perseverance.

Supercharging our most important asset

Our industry is at an important juncture: the Web3 community is growing at a rapid pace and organisations like ours are becoming more visible than ever before. Investing in the right people and engaging them in our journey, will result in the creation of the ultimate brand champions when it comes to project execution and delivery.

In recent weeks, we have appointed 4 new big hitters to help with the creation of those brand champions.

· Rick Bakas, Chief Marketing Officer

· Georgiana Foster, Head of PR and Communications

· Frank Harnett, Senior Art Director

· Dan Rollman, Senior Copywriter

During the period between mainnet going live and public migration taking place, our new team members will be rolling out an aggressive marketing drive to share our message far and wide, grow our community, drive sales, and attract new investors.

Preparing KYOTO Swap for blockchain migration

Our flagship product, KYOTO Swap has hit numerous milestones since its launch on BSC network. Its dedication to social responsibility and environmental conservation sets it apart from other decentralized exchanges by providing users with a socially responsible investment opportunity that benefits their portfolio while preserving the planet.

Using a unique application to Regenerative Finance (ReFi), KYOTO Swap provides a cost-effective solution for companies and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact, achieve carbon neutrality, and even surpass it to become carbon negative, passively, at little to no cost.

During this critical “chrysalis” stage of our development, we remain laser-focused on transformation and migration. As is the case in the analogy of the butterfly, this period calls for the conservation of energy and the building of resilience. With that in mind, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our farms — with the exception of KYOTO Swap pools — meaning that they will no longer be emitting rewards as of this time. This is to allow us to prepare KYOTO Swap for migration to the KYOTO blockchain.

By migrating with its native blockchain, Kyoto Swap will be able to tap into the Kyoto ecosystem directly, deepening its liquidity and TVL by providing new trading pairs and enabling us to expand its features to a whole new niche of products. It will also allow arbitrage opportunities between DEX and CEX pairing, enabling us to boost the volume further.

2023 — a major milestone

Significant progress continues at KYOTO, and we couldn’t be more proud of the team’s accomplishments so far. From a technology, marketing, and overall growth perspective, 2023 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting and explosive year. And we look forward to you all being a part of it.

Together, let’s shape a sustainable world that transcends boundaries, empowers future generations, and builds a better future.