Kyoto primed for further expansion with cornerstone investment from Mocha Ventures and Dunhill Ventures

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-20 at 11.50.08Kyoto Technologies AG has secured a cornerstone investment from early-stage blockchain backers, Mocha Ventures and Dunhill Ventures.

Kyoto announces the raise - part of its private seed round - as the project prepares for its much-anticipated blockchain launch. The project will deploy the capital to expand its team, further develop its climate technology and digital carbon standard, as well as bring carbon on-chain. In turn, these initiatives will ensure that Kyoto achieves its goal of bringing an evidence-based, data-driven carbon offset to the voluntary carbon market.  

Moreover, the investment will solidify Kyoto's market dominance, elevate its product offerings - notably infrastructure-as-a-service - and expand its reach into new markets, strengthening ties with organisations seeking to reduce carbon footprints.

Mocha Ventures, a management company that initiated the first digital asset fund in Liechtenstein, maintains stringent investment criteria aligned with EU and global financial regulations to mitigate regulatory risks for client assets. Focused on high-growth blockchain and digital ventures addressing tangible business challenges, it thrives through market fluctuations, supporting projects with solid user bases that flourish in both bear and bull markets.

Mocha recently partnered with Dunhill, a regulated asset management company, - and its advisory arm Dunhill Ventures - to spearhead a EUR 30M digital fund that backs burgeoning digital projects, like Kyoto, that solve real-world problems.

Ashton Hunt, Co-Founder of Kyoto said:

“This investment comes at a critical time for Kyoto and its roadmap for development. We aren’t simply looking for capital, we’re looking for strategic investors who understand our narrative and what we are trying to create and who also have a desire to be actively involved in the building process. These investors are few and far between.

“We’re very fortunate to have Mocha on board, joining us on what is an exciting journey. This new relationship will bring critical resources and connections to Kyoto, propelling us to the next level and helping to ensure a successful launch.”

Renato Brioni, General Partner at Mocha Ventures added:

“Mocha is committed to empowering entrepreneurs who are trying to unlock the full potential of blockchain. We invest in the future of intelligent protocols, to not only make legacy industries more efficient and effective but to fundamentally change the very fabric of the internet itself. Kyoto perfectly matches these criteria in that it is seeking to transform antiquated financial systems through Web3 technology. And all while making the world a better place.”

“We see tremendous potential in ReFi and the crucial role it plays in driving the overall growth of blockchain. We look forward to working with Kyoto and hope to see the project grow and make a real impact, as a leading Layer-1 blockchain.”

To signal this important new chapter of growth and investment, Kyoto has rolled out a brand refresh, inclusive of a dynamic new website and logo suite, as the blockchain prepares for mainnet launch. 

Editors’ notes:

Kyoto, the blockchain scaling carbon markets, is revolutionising the Web3 space by intertwining everyday blockchain activities with global ecological impact. It does this by empowering users and developers to effortlessly contribute to a greener world - through routine blockchain activities such as DeFi or NFTs, or by building their projects on its blockchain. 

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